Madhu Tangri Ma'am it's been long that I wanted to say this to you, I am actually having tears of joy typing it all down. I am really grateful that I met you be it a coincidence I needed you that most at the moment. It was true that you said I wasn’t grateful for anything and just running after stuff or money. And the fact that I don’t get it used to negatively effect me a lot. Your words have really changed me, my current life and I know my future too. The day you said earn blessings, everything will come. It has started ♥ and I know now whatever I am grateful for I will be blessed more with it provided I give all my efforts. In the workshop I felt a really deep connect with you I don’t know every time you spoke about your life or I had an eye contact with you my tears rolled out. After the workshop I feel like a complete different person I don’t say negative stuff, I hold on my myself from saying anything mean to anyone, clients are coming, people are turning nice to me whom I never expected, relationships are getting better. All my gratitude and love to you. People have lot of others whom they look upto. I look upto you now. May I be blessed with at least some of the talent and beautiful aura you have. Thank you so much for guiding me 💞
Vani Khandewal
Hi Madhu... This is pending since a long...I wanted to thank you 🙏 from bottom of my ❣ heart for that change that I am experiencing in my life things were stuck somehow and I wasn’t able to achieve what I always wanted to after the session that you took I started to believe and ask Universe to help Things have started improving now...🥰🥰 I just got a car for myself and have been promoted as well both of the things were unexpected and universe just made them happen. Thanks to you for showing me this path 💐 to walk on and now I see myself as a different person! 👩🏼⚖
Shikha Malhotra​
🎉😇 Madhu's workshop was very good. I was enjoying workshop thoroughly. One magic happened with this, type of questions all ladied were asking Same I was feeling So I could not ask any question I was feeling very light after healing session. Thank you so much from the core of my heart..
Awesome is the word that describes her and her sessions. She included in lot of real life experience energy and passion into each concept she shared . She kept adding additional inputs than what was on the agenda thereby enriching it further.I recommend her workshop on Rediscovering Yourself and also one on one sessions as a coach, healer and nutritionist packaged into one stable dynamite 😊 My association with her since 2015 has enabled me to understand so many facets of human life she deals with so beautifully and gracefully to help them align their body, mind ,intellect and soul.
Nalini Malhotra