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A healthy body and mind are the first basic essential to start with anything great in life. A healthy body inspires everybody else in your surroundings and you also feel very confident. So, if you are facing any challenges with your body, either to lose your weight, gain weight or facing some lifestyle issue,  you are in the right place, as Madhu Tangri is a renowned, certified nutritionist and dietician and above all, she is passionate about making people healthy. she can help you in this journey. We provide the solutions for all types of health problems and lifestyle issues ensuring guaranteed success through your health journey, provided you follow the action plan.

We are normally dealing with one of the issues mentioned below.

  1. Weight Loss    
  2. Weight gain
  3. Lifestyle related health issues resulting in various forms of diseases

Weight Loss Transformation

In gratitude..! ❤❤ I had no hopes of getting slimmer and den when I went to Madhu Tangri for dieting, she got my body examined and provided me with her best diet. I started reducing weight so quickly and I got the best results. Every week I used to get the best diet and I used to reduce good weight. All thanks to her
Hey Madhu I know i should have written this for u long before but due to busy schedule couldnot spare time..i just want to Thank you from the core of my heart that u helped me to loose 20 kgs of weight in 9 months time and moreover the diet u used to send was so easy for anyone to follow either they are on business travel or sitting in office entire day..I pay my huge gratitude to you because of your hard work and diet i look more younger than my age now and have become more beautiful 😁 getting slim was a dream for me which could not have been possible because of you..all thanks to you..keep up the good work.
When I met Madhu ma'am, I was almost at the stage of hopelessness with my weight. Had even started to think whether I would ever be able to loose all this excess fat over my body and be healthy and fit. Needless to say, Madhu ma'am came as a blessing in my life. The first meeting with her itself was so positive and surreal that I could not wait to get started on my fitness journey. Even within the first two weeks of the diet I had not only lost some weight but had already started to feel good mentally as well as emotionally. And till now I have lost 13kgs. The diet plans she gives are doable, healthy and sustainable. Not only have I lost weight, but have had massive improvements in my skin, hair and ofcourse overall health. Truly, decision to become her client has been life changing for me 🙂 I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to do a big favour to their health and life. Good luck!
Aditi Gupta

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Weight Loss Journey

You might have tried so many alternatives like, hardcore gymming, other physical workouts if still, you are unable to lose weight that is because you are missing one major part which is eating a planned healthy diet. A well-planned diet is the most essential part of the journey of weight loss.

Weight Gain Journey

This process usually takes time but it’s not impossible, you need to be patient and have to follow the diet by which you gain muscle and you don’t look skinny anymore. Instead of taking protein shakes which make you hollow from inside, we provide the diet by which you can build a healthy muscular body. Research shows that 80% of the diet and 20% of exercise can work miraculously. Other factors are also included, that are the intake of water and proper sleep.

Healthy, disease free life

In this stressed-out competitive world, it is becoming very difficult to own a disease-free body. Sometimes, due to work pressure and odd timing of eating, we end up eating anything, anytime to stop the hunger. We really don’t realize, that it is not good for us, but in long run it causes harm and we find us trapped in diseases such as high cholesterol, BP related issues and sometimes thyroid too, and there is a list of disease which is prevailing in the people due to wrong eating habits. Sometimes, in a different mood, we eat differently; it may lead to overeating. Study shows that in different emotions, people eat the different amount of food. This is one of the main causes of an unhealthy body.  We offer you the diet plan specially customized to your schedule and lifestyle, and for emotional control, you can join the healing session by Madhu Tangri.

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If you fall in any of the above categories, you are at the right place as Madhu provides customized diet according to the need of clients. We do one on one personal sessions, online diet plans and even via Whatsapp, the most convenient medium. We provide healthy diet plans, not the ones where you need to starve. To avail the services, contact us today.